Benefits of Toddlers Cleaning

Benefits of Toddlers Cleaning

For most busy Mums the idea of having their toddler clean the house seems counterproductive. They take too much time, miss spots and don’t handle the tools properly and most of the time spread the dirt rather then cleaning it. But, for the toddlers this is a fun and educational activity with so many benefits. Lets cover a few:

  • Practice fine motor skills: handling brooms, duster, dustpan and brush comes very natural to us. But for toddlers its extremely tricky and takes a lot of practice to master. Perfecting their fine motor skills in the process.
  • Improves concentration: Having a toddler engage in activities where they have to utilise their alert and active thinking, is extremely beneficial for brain development and will improve their ability to concentrate on tasks for longer periods.
  • They learn from a young age that everyone is responsible for the home: Everyone has their jobs to keep their home clean. If you encourage your children to help around the home from a young age, it becomes habitual.
  • They learn the value of work: Seeing a dirty mark become clean, teaches them that effort and work provides results. They may not grasp the totality of that concept right away, but they will over time.
  • They feel more Mature and Responsible: Toddlers love to imitate what they see adults doing. Which is why they love playing in kids kitchens and pushing dolls around in the pram. Imaginative play is wonderful for children to explore the adult world. What they love even more is to be given the opportunity to do these things for real. Try to give little guidance and then step back and let them do it without intervening too much. They will feel mature and responsible and that you trust them with ‘adult’ tasks.

These are just some of the benefits of allowing Toddlers to clean your home. While it does require patience not to step in and take over, you can be assured with practise they will get better. It is also important to have realistic expectations. Keep it to one small task a day (mop kitchen or unload the dishwasher). It should not be a burden for your small child and don’t forget to make it fun and joyful experience. Cleaning is a part of life and if taught that from a young age that is NOT A CHORE but rather a fun, even meditative experience. Your child will take this positive mindset and skills into the future.

Once they are done..feel free to contact Shine n Bright in Melbourne to do the rest. Time is precious, why not spend it playing with your kids. We’ll take good care of your home.

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