Green vs Regular Cleaning Products

Green vs Regular Cleaning Products

Are Natural, Organic, Green Products as effective as regular ‘harsh’ chemicals? The honest answer is NO. However, we are seeing new and improved products in the market that are challenging that. Which is very exciting for us folk who love having a clean home but more importantly value our health.

The reality is, toxic harsh chemicals, increase the toxin load in our bodies. Everything that we touch, smell and eat that has toxins, increases that load. A toxin overload is detrimental to health and increases chances in having more severe health issues. Handling toxic chemicals without proper protection can cause dermatological issues and in severe cases even burn the skin. Depending on what chemical you are using and how strong it is.  At Shine n Bright, all our workers wear gloves and masks exactly for that reason. Some even choose to cover their hair, wear eye masks and ventilation masks to protect from fumes. They are well aware of the long term damage that can happen when being exposed to harsh chemicals on a daily basis. Safety and protection is not negotiable.

This is where the idea of Green products becomes very appealing. At Shine n Bright we have trialled many different brands of natural products and have come across a few that do a really great job at cleaning most surfaces. Upon request we use natural products for our Domestic General Cleaning. We are yet to find a natural product that cuts through grout mould and deep set oven grease. But just about everything else can be cleaned with natural products. Not only is this a healthier alternative to our cleaners and clients but also protects our precious environment.

Aside from store bought natural products, you can whip up some great cleaning sprays and pastes, using:

  • Lemon
  • Essential Oils – Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Rosemary
  • Bi-carb Soda
  • Vinegar

Happy Healthy Cleaning!

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